DIY Boho, Hippie and Gypsy Jewelry

I’ve been browsing around my hippie and gypsy Pages on Facebook collecting pictures for my Ideas folder and I wanted to share with you some great DIY boho jewelry you can make!


DIY Stackable Bracelet #3: Dainty Wire Bangles

I see all kinds of awesome jewelry of this style on Etsy if you’re looking for more ideas😀


Stackable Bracelet #1 Basic Square Knot

DIY Stackable ArmCandy Friendship Bracelets

I knew I wasn’t the only person that scrounges hardware stores for craft supplies!

Bohemian fringe necklace!

You can also just tie embroidery floss on the chain links to get a fringed look.

DIY Boho ArmCandy Wrap Bracelets

Make Nicole Richie’s Boho Hair Jewelry Accessory

How to: Make Colorful Bohemian Jewelry

I have 80 million pages of magazines and stuff laying around my house and I wouldn’t mind making some of these😀 You can get the flat backed gems he uses for really cheap from the Oriental Trading Company.


These are a few pictures from my Ideas folder that I was referring to:

more gypsy bracelets ideasgypsy bracelets ideagypsy bracelet stashgypsy bracelet ideas

I love mixed media bracelets!



Stay kawaii!!

^  u  ^




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